Yuhan's Way
Yuhan’s Way is a non-profit organization created in an effort to assist the Jewish youth struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The goal of the organization is to establish a drug rehabilitation facility fully equipped with medical professionals, psychiatrists, mentors and effective detoxification treatments.

Yukhan Binaminov

What We Are Doing

Progressive Volunteers

Helping individuals move past their addictions.

Marital Aid Support

Focusing on Ethnic Relationships

Establishing common ground can greatly help someone open up about what their going through.

Loss of Motivation and Self Esteem in Youth

Working with Inpatients and Outpatient Clinics

We work with outpatient clinics in New York City and with inpatient clinics world wide.

Russian and English Speaking Aids Available.

Why we do what we do

What's Been Happening
During the past decade, our community has experienced the tragedy of countless untimely deaths due to the enormous problem of opioid addiction. This awful disease has claimed countless lives over the years and will continue to take more if we don’t help our troubled youth. We all know someone that was taken from us way to soon due to an overdose. We have to come together as a community, join efforts and help in battle this vicious disease.

Our Goal

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    Please lets help our community in this fight against drug and alcohol addiction.
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With your contribution we can save more lives.

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